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IE Cache Trasher 1.2.1 (For pre-Mac OS X systems)

Most Recent Release:

IE Cache Trasher 1.2.1 (Classic Systems) - Dec 11 2002

What's New:

When IE Cache Trasher is run, if the download cache exists, a dialog will display the size of the cache in kilobytes and give you the option to delete it. Depending on your choice, IE Cache Trasher will inform you of the success of your choice, then quit.


IE Cache Trasher is an applescript application that deletes a file created by Internet Explorer, called "Download Cache." This file is stored in your preferences folder, and can grow to enormous proportions, I've had mine up to 119 MB. If you have OS X, use 1.4 X.


IE Cache Trasher 1.2.1 will work on OS 9.x systems, with Internet Explorer 5 or greater. Functionality for OS 8.x systems is unknown.



Known Issues:

None reported.


Download IE Cache Trasher 1.2.1

Stuffit (.SIT)

(Requires Stuffit Expander, click here to get it)

Local Mirror (Tripod)

Download for Classic Systems (24 KB)











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