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IE Cache Trasher 1.4 X (For Mac OS X systems)

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Most Recent Release:

IE Cache Trasher 1.4 (OS X Systems) - Mar 06 2002

What's New:

Version 1.4 X of IE Cache Trasher has been completely ported to AppleScript Studio. The logging feature from version 1.3 X has been retained. If you do not wish to use the logging function, please use the included version 1.2 X. Numerous bugs have also been squashed.


IE Cache Trasher could potentially recover hundreds of megabytes of disk space on your hard drive! IE Cache Trasher quickly and easily deletes the Internet Explorer download cache, which stores incomplete and broken downloads. If left unchecked, the file can grow to great proportions; mine was 119 MB when I first checked!


Internet Explorer (IE) 5.0 or newer
AppleScript, newest version preferably
A Macintosh
Mac OS X, newest version preferably



Known Issues:

May cause an error if Internet Explorer was running during the process.
If you receive an error that IE Cache Trasher has unexpectedly quit, perhaps it is because of a Toast Titanium preview 2 extension. To restore AppleScript functionality, you must delete the "ToastVideoCDSupport.component" file from the folder "QuickTime" in the "library" folder residing on the bottom level of your drive. This should fix the problem.
Thanks to the wonderful info at for the fix.


Download IE Cache Trasher 1.4 X
  Local Mirror (Tripod)


(Requires Stuffit Expander, click here to get it)

Download for OS X systems (75 KB)

Disk Copy Disk Image

(Requires Disk Copy, which is included in OS X)

Download for OS X systems (105 KB)

















If you are experiencing problems download from the local mirror, try the remote mirror.


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