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Hacker Translator 1.15 (Mac OS X only)

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Most Recent Release:

Hacker Translator 1.15 - September 28th 2003

What's New:

In version 1.15, you can specify which direction of translation you would like, and you can also randomize the character translation process via the preferences window.


Hacker Translator will translate any text you input into 'leet-speak'. The idea of 'leet-speak' is to replace as many letters with numbers/symbols as possible.


A Macintosh
Mac OS X version 10.1.3 or greater



Known Issues:

None Known.


Download Hacker Translator 1.15
  Local Mirror (Tripod)


(Requires Stuffit Expander, click here to get it)

Download for OS X systems (41 KB)











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