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This page provides a list of things you can expect to see in the future, although the outcome may be different from what is listed here when it is released. They will be released when they are ready, please do not ask us when they will be released, as we don't want to rush these products.

Hacker Translator

Features to come:

  • Return/Enter key does translation
  • Random translations, for example, "S" will sometimes become "5", or "$", or stay as "S". (Completed)
  • Ability to edit how characters translate
  • Random case option
  • Reverse Translation (1337 to English) (Completed)
  • Miscellaneous other features

Work In Progress:

Project 1: (FM) - In Progress - Closest to Completion
Project 2: (LV) - Postponed
Project 3: (MY) - Postponed

Project 4: (PX) - In Progress
Project 5: (RC) - Postponed
Project 6: (VM) - Postponed

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